Our Club Manager, Vera Simpson, recognized a need.  As a life-long horse woman, it was evident to her that a call to action was necessary.  An effort was essential to organize an introduction of our beloved sport to interested people.  To contribute to the success of Thoroughbred racing in Ontario, she formed a patron based association, fashioned after The Royal Ascot Racing Club. The goal being, to foster new racehorse owners for Woodbine racetrack in conjunction with developing potential purchasers of Ontario bred horses. Race Club’s vision is to champion newcomers into the thrilling and intricate world of Thoroughbred horse racing, through experienced professional guidance, backstretch visits, behind the scenes tours and Woodbine assisted social advantages.  A one-year commitment with no strings attached, encompassing plenty of activity involving multiple horses in action.  We have a threefold focus of the Club, exhilaration, fellowship and kindness.

Northern Dancer stone